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Draft Xbasic pages

These pages are a sample of the draft modified format for the XBasic HTML docs, intended to improve the look when printed out.
They're on this site because I got tired of battling with Yahoogroups login pages trying to upload them to the XBasic area. So I stuck them here temporarily.

They're intended to be drafts for comment over the next week or two only. Unless anyone has a brilliant idea or strong objections, I'll upload the complete docs to the Proper Place (wherever that is).

After some discussion, I reinstated a pale background colour on the pages - most browsers seem to default to NOT printing out the background, which is desirable.

Many, MANY thanks to Jacques Philippe, who wrote an XBasic program to process all the HTML docs and did the bulk of the modifications according to my suggestions. 90% of the work - and the credit - is his. If the results are unsatisfactory, the blame is mine alone.

I wrote a page (answers_17.htm) intended to help in printing out the docs from the HTML format. Comments or additional info (like how to change the page size in MSIE) welcomed.

I also added to answers_16.htm, which had a very brief printing sample, a short routine by David Szafranski which seems to print a line of text OK. Again, any comments welcomed.

The sample pages are (use the Back button on your browser to return to this page):


Chris Rodliffe